Run for Re-Entry 2017! October 7th-8th


Re-entry mediation is available, pre-release, in Maryland prisons.  Re-entry mediation decreases recidivism.  But to participate in re-entry mediation, family members have to get to the prison.  For some, it's a trip they can't afford. Click here to learn more about Lorig's 70-mile run to help families make the trip!





  Community/Police Relationships


CMM helps police and community members have real and challenging conversations that humanize each to the other.  When everyone has voice, community members and police together can determine how policing will be done.


CLICK HERE to watch CMM's webinar for the Justice Research and Statistics Association.  It covers police complaint mediation, police youth dialogue circles, and collaborative dialogue for policy change.


CMM has worked with the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission to establish best practices for Police Complaint Mediation Programs.  These standards and the reference guide can be found here: http://mdle.net/standards.htm




Youth/Police Dialogues Because Relationships Matter


In Baltimore, Hagerstown, and Takoma Park, MD, CMM ha been supporting community mediation centers to provide an opportunity for youth and police to have open, honest, and often hard conversations... in an effort to get to know each other as humans.




At CMM's 2016 Gala: Community leader, Marvin McKenstry, and Baltimore Police Officer Zach Novak, describe their experience in the police community dialogue in West Baltimore. The dialogue, facilitated by Community Mediation, included residents, police officers, and police leadership. The group had several hard discussions about the history and reality of police community relations. Participants built trust and developed a process in which officers connect youth with community services instead of arresting them. This process is now being developed as a official pilot program in West Baltimore


 Click here to watch CMM's webinar provided for Justice Research and Statistics Association, highlighting the work CMM is doing to address community police relations.