Thanks to friends like you, Community Mediation Maryland is actively supporting 17 community centers that are resolving conflicts statewide. This incredible peace building accomplishment would not have been possible without your generous annual gifts. With your continued help, we know we can reach our goal of widespread awareness of and access to free conflict resolution services for all Maryland residents. 
Today, we are preparing to tackle whatever disputes come our way, big or small: family conflicts (including custody issues), police community relations, school fights, prisoner 
re-entry, small claims court cases, conflicts within houses of worship, neighborhood-wide and workplace disputes, neighbor-neighbor battles, and far more.
But we need your help to keep building peace in our state. People all over MD have taken the brave step of trying mediation to build peace in their lives. We hope you will take action today to help build peace for others across Maryland.



At CMM's 2016 Gala: Community leader, Marvin McKenstry, and Baltimore Police Officer Zach Novak, describe their experience in the police community dialogue in West Baltimore. The dialogue, facilitated by Community Mediation, included residents, police officers, and police leadership. The group had several hard discussions about the history and reality of police community relations. Participants built trust and developed a process in which officers connect youth with community services instead of arresting them. This process is now being developed as a official pilot program in West Baltimore


 Click here to watch CMM's webinar provided for Justice Research and Statistics Association, highlighting the work CMM is doing to address community police relations.