#Run4ReEntry: $5,000 GOAL



Donate to the #Run4ReEntry: She ran it at $71/hr, WE CAN raise it!


When people are able to have mediation before they are released from prison, it decreases recidivism. This Re-Entry Mediation service is available in MD prisons, but in order for families to have mediations with incarcerated persons, they need transportation to the prisons. For some, it's a trip they can't afford. On 11/14 and 11/15, Lorig Charkoudian, Executive Director of Community Mediation Maryland, ran the distance of the trip to prison, to raise money for those families. 


This run symbolized the mental,  emotional, and physical journeys of Re-Entry Mediation participants. Please share this information with EVERYONE. Please donate any amount. Help decrease recidivism in Maryland by helping people build relationships.


 Watch this NBC news story to see how the Jordan family used mediation before Basha returned home from prison... and how it changed their lives! 



    2015 Run4ReEntry: (Counter-clockwise) Lorig & Delegate Brett Wilson early in the run, Lorig CONQUERED South Mountain, and Lorig arrives at Community Mediation in Baltimore, COMPLETING 70 miles!


      Morgan University's radio show, "First Edition with Sean Yoes", talks about violence abroad, violence in Baltimore, and how Re-Entry mediation (& other community mediation services) helps to change lives and reduce violence.